Geo Cruiser Lightweight Heavy Duty Mobility Personal Aid

51jw+lm4xvL._SX466_The Geo Cruiser Lightweight Heavy Duty Mobility Personal Aid is Top of The Line Heavy Duty Electric Powered Mobility Aid which stands out above the rest in today’s marketplace.

The Geo Cruiser is considered one of the Best Power Scooters in the market, with its easy transport fold-able design makes it very versatile. At first glance its clear to see a fully updated modern user-friendly design compared to the older armored style bulky expensive equipment .

The Geo Cruiser Design is made ‘operator friendly’ with easy to manage controls , plus all around safety in mind. Notice the large rear 12″ wheels, plus the backup rear wheels, to guarantee stability, for example,  when riding over speed bumps or bumpy surfaces.


At first glance its apparent the brilliant color really enhances the overall look and highlights the  modern comfort features , where a lot of design ingenuity was directly applied with a touch of new innovation. For example, the soft tire selection for a smoother rider, and long distance travel.

Great Customer Service- A Must

One of the nice benefits not even listed is the built in great customer service providing quick friendly response, according to customer feedback. This is a solid company to deal with- “what a relief”, over so many disappointing stories out there on many so called ‘trusted brand names’

Many consumers find it to their benefit to call a customer service rep, before making any large purchase , which really tells the story of who they are, how they handle customers, and do you want to invest in there products.

Call the customer service, tell them you are looking into the Geo Cruiser, and see for yourself if they are the right company to partner with, you may just be delighted.  See what others have to say about customer service and their experiences.

Read  customer reviews here-      Geo Cruiser

Design Features and Benefits:

  • Easy access controls, can be setup for right of left side
  • Extra Large powerful motor tucked away under the seating area
  • Comfortable removable  seats with comfortable back rest position
  • Extra Long Range on a single charge of 16 miles +
  • Heavy Duty Frame Structure, Fold up design-compact for travel -Cars-Trains-Planes
  • Maximum carry weight of 390+ lbs
  • Total weight with battery of 59lbs, no more expensive power-lifts required for transport
  • Customer top rating

Geo Cruiser Ease of Transporting

You will experience the ease of transporting the Geo Elite Cruiser with its quick folding design, and simple to load into most vehicles.

The powerful motor is also a nice feature over most others in today’s market which gets underway without delays, and considering the 4 wheel, rear 12 inch rugged made tires add stability over others,( plus 3 wheeled models), when in motion with a maximum speed of 4 mph.

Transporting the Geo Cruiser is quiet easy considering the entire Cruiser is 59 lbs including the Lithium Battery. See the demo-vdo above for visual detail and loading into a vehicle.

Geo Cruiser Operation

The Geo Cruisers are really a breeze to drive and motor about with comfort and safety designed right in. The Heavy Duty Design is built to last for years, not something to worry about or be traded in later for next year’s model, this is heavy duty, built to last.

Geo Cruiser Structure

These Cruisers are built tough, with a strong powerful drive system, backed by a powerful Lithium battery pack with its 16 + mile range, well over today’s average of 10 miles on other models, so you will not find yourself stranded by any means from lack of power or performance.

The Geo Cruiser Elite is the top of the Geo Cruiser Family providing the most rugged, heavy duty design with performance to match, and worth taking a look at if you are seriously in the market.

The Geo Cruiser is the latest premium design release, and already gaining popularity, and known as the best Power Scooter in the market. Be sure to check the Geo Cruiser Elite out today, and lock-in the current low price while available.

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